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The boutique Flinders Hotel, built in 1889, provided a charming setting for Lin as she prepared for her Wedding day.

Despite feeling “a little nervous and emotional”, she relaxed into the skilled hands of her hair and make-up artist and excitedly anticipated her first glimpse of William at the Paringa Estate Winery in Red Hills, on the Mornington Peninsula.


With her best friend at her side, Lin slipped into the ethereal, Maria Gonzales Wedding gown. The sheer, soft fabric and intricate lace bodice were secured at the waistline with a smooth satin sash.

A generous, captivating bouquet featured touches of blue amidst pale apricot and delicate pink roses and silver foliage.


William waited expectantly at the Winery, cutting a fine figure in full Scottish regalia supplied by Andersons’ Kilts. Nervous and excited, he glimpsed his glowing bride walking the long aisle with her brother.

The music of the song, “Even When I’m Sleeping”, floated on the warm, clear air and the lush surroundings created a picturesque backdrop for the outdoor ceremony.


The exquisite moment had finally arrived and Lin felt “surreal”. William was entranced by “how beautiful Lin looked.”

An extra special attendant was their beloved dog, Oscar. He was eagerly pulling on the lead, sporting a tartan bowtie and carrying the precious Wedding rings towards them.

“We were glad he made it without needing a bathroom break!”



After an adoring first kiss as husband and wife, the newlyweds had portraits taken in the rustic driveway of the Paringa Estate Winery.

Their relationship had begun after a first meeting at the movies with friends, watching a chick flick, “Failure to Launch”. Lin was impressed by William’s easy- going nature, (he didn’t object to the movie), and that he was “shy, cute and considerate”.

William saw Lin as confident, “a little goofy” and also cute.


Their official first date was at The Flower Drum restaurant in Melbourne City.

In June 2014 they were engaged. William, afraid of heights, had proposed on bended knee during a one hour sunset tour of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Lin thought it “a bit weird” that William would suggest the activity due to his fear. When he took ages to get ready she assumed he was nervous and going to back out.

Later she discovered that the delay was due to the ring, that he had secretly chosen, needing to be tied on securely for the climb!

“It was surreal. There were people in our group that even started crying!”

Paringa Estate Winery Wedding


The intimate Reception venue was perfect for Lin and William’s “small, casual afternoon cocktail wedding” as they both love good wine and food.

The Winery is renowned for its Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Shiraz, has a two hatted restaurant and was happy to have Oscar, the family dog, included in the formalities.

“The team were also a pleasure to work with”.


The light-filled dining area featured floor to ceiling windows showcasing green fields, rolling hills and verdant vineyards against a backdrop of thick woodland and open sky.

A highlight of the Wedding Reception were the speeches made by William’s Father, Lin and William.

“William was always going to wear a kilt because of his Scottish heritage so we used his family tartan in a few different ways – on the invites, as a ribbon around the cake…we basically just made it up as we went and picked things that we liked.”

The happy newlyweds admire each other in so many ways.


Lin loves William’s sense of humour, his quirky Minion impersonation from “Despicable Me”, his kindness, strong family values, cheeky smile and his ability to not worry about small things.

William loves Lin’s intelligence, beauty, kindness, loyalty, strength, her “happy dance” and her organizational skills.



Lin and William reflected that their Wedding day “was everything we wanted it to be.”

“The most important thing for us was celebrating with close family and friends and having time with everyone.”

It was a perfect day in every way, with fond memories to cherish forever.


Lin and William’s Wedding Team:

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A luxurious, upper storey suite in Melbourne’s plush Metropol Hotel provided a special setting for Jessica’s Wedding Day preparations.

Lovingly assisted by her Mother and bridesmaids, Jessica donned her vintage Collette Dinnigan gown of filmy, floral, embroidered fabric. The deep V neckline, fitted bodice and softly gathered skirt, delicately decorated with trailing flowers, evoked cool, natural elegance.

Sparkling silver accessories and a colourful, full-flowered bouquet of delicious sunset hues, complemented Jessica’s bridal attire.


David and his Groomsmen were waiting expectantly in the cool greenness of the heritage listed Burnley Gardens, the “perfect place” that he and Jessica had discovered for their Wedding Ceremony.

This verdant jewel, hidden away on Melbourne University’s Burnley Campus, allowed the loving couple “to embrace the simple experience of the gardens to capture our special day.”

“We loved the weaving pathways, open lawns, secret gardens and archways with flowing Wisteria vines”.


Jessica’s attention to detail as an interior Designer and Stylist was evident in the personal touches – David’s eye-catching, blue gingham pocket square and the small band of twine around each impressive buttonhole.

The Ceremony took place in the fragrant shade of towering Pine Trees.

Jessica walked the grassy aisle accompanied by her Father and a beautiful acoustic guitar rendition of “Songbird”, by Eva Cassidy,

Jessica and David were “so happy to see each other, past the crowd of family and friends” gathered on the soft lawn.

“We had a great time up there; it almost felt like just the two of us”. “We were surprised we didn’t cry but it just felt right, even funny at times”.


After a passionate embrace as husband and wife and a showering of rose petals, the happy newlyweds had portraits taken amongst refreshing greenery sprinkled with vibrant flowers.

“We had incredible confidence that we could just let the day unfold with true emotions, expression and joy being captured naturally as they happen.”


As teenagers, Jessica and David first met around a bonfire in Gembrook in the Winter of 2002 whilst celebrating the life of a mutual friend who had tragically passed away.

“It was a very emotional time for us and we had a strong connection straight away.” “We were young but we knew we had found each other that night.”

A first date followed and they arranged to meet at a local park in Emerald.

Blushing, glitter lip-glossed, neat and tidy private school girl meets ‘90’s bedroom poster boy with styled bleached hair, the latest sneakers, sweaty palms and Souvlaki sauce dribbled down the front of his shirt! A very fond and vivid memory for both!


The relationship blossomed and led to a surprise Engagement that was “the most overwhelming, happiest moment we had ever shared together.”

David had convinced Jessica to stop there on their way to having dinner with her parents, in celebration of the recent sale of the family home.

Jessica hadn’t been feeling well that day and was not in a good mood. She was hesitant about stopping as she worried about being late and running out of fuel but luckily succumbed to David’s persuasion.

“We had many memories shared here; picnics, big discussions and decisions made.”

When David asked her to remember those meaningful times in their special place, Jessica jokingly enquired if he had something to ask her.

And of course, he did!

The whole family was waiting excitedly at Chateau Yering, Yarra Valley, to celebrate an Engagement, not a house sale at all.

David’s distraction that day and his insistence that Jessica wear a certain dress, and her Mother’s concerned checking re her state of health, all made sense in hindsight.

David had consulted with Jessica’s closest friend before having the impressive diamond Engagement ring especially made, by a lady who had personally crafted jewellery for Jessica’s late Grandmother.

One of those precious pieces became the base for Jessica’s Wedding band.



A cocktail style Wedding Reception was held at a converted Victorian loft called “Playroom”, in Fitzroy.

The venue shone with light from arched picture windows, creamy brick walls and furniture, polished wood, glowing tea light candles and festoon lighting sparkling from exposed truss ceilings.

Antique crystal vases filled with fragrant roses, oversized Chestnut greenery and a “whimsically tall” Rose and Freesia, butter cream iced Wedding cake, set the romantic, garden inspired scene.


Jessica and her business partner, Heidi, had carefully considered each element yet kept the overall décor simple and enchanting.

The design philosophy for Jessica and David’s Wedding “was based on capturing our love and Spirit and the natural botanicals from the garden.”

Memorable, “incredible” speeches evoked love, laughter and tears.

A special treasure is a letter board, choc full of heart-warming personal messages.

Jessica and David are “forever grateful” to family and friends for sharing enjoyable conversations, outings, celebrations and support.




The newlyweds’ first dance was to “I’m With You”, by Avril Lavigne, reminding them of the early years of their relationship.

Jessica and David are “the closest of companions” yet individual and independent. Their love is “strong” and “gets better every year that we know and choose to be together in this life.”

The wonderful, love-filled memories created on their Wedding Day will bring them joy forever.


Jessica and Dave’s Wedding Team:

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Katy was “surprisingly calm and content” on the morning of her Wedding day. She and Ty were to be married in glorious sunshine at the Melbourne Museum.

Everything had been planned to the very last detail.

“I had the theory that as long as I got to marry my best friend, it didn’t matter what else happened as nothing was going to bring me down from my ecstatic cloud!”

Ty was “excited more than anything”, confident in Katy’s meticulous planning and that everyone was going to be relaxed and have a great day.

Katy and her bridesmaids prepared at the art-inspired Olsen hotel in Prahran.


Her romantic, softly draped, Mariana Hardwick Wedding gown featured a gossamer-fine, feather-light skirt, a “champagne” fabric belt and a silver, ornate buckle.

Katy glowed with the delicious anticipation of seeing her beloved.



When the happy couple first met four and a half years earlier as employees at the Melbourne Cricket Club, Ty was smitten by Katy’s beauty and told his housemates that he had “fallen in love” with her immediately.

Katy vividly remembers Ty’s smile, “handsome ruggedness and charm”.

A beautifully planned proposal was almost foiled when Katy decided to work back late on November 29th, 2012.

Feeling nervous, Ty waited patiently, having placed a large vase of Katy’s favourite flowers on the table and the words, “I love u”, spelt out in her favourite lollies.

Finally, at 8pm, Katy arrived home, tired and exhausted.

“I will never forget the look of excitement and nervousness on his face, (and his shaking hands!), when I first walked through the door and he was kneeling down waiting for me.”

After a moment of shock and disbelief, she immediately said ‘Yes!” She admits embarrassingly that her very first words were unprintable!

Katy was deeply moved by the time, effort and thought that Ty had put into making the proposal so special and memorable and secretly choosing the “perfect” ring.

Kind and generous, “he would move the world for me if I asked him!”


Looking cool and relaxed in white shirts and ocean blue suits, Ty and his Groomsmen waited expectantly in the sunny courtyard of the Museum.

An emotional acoustic rendition of Christina Perri’s, “A Thousand Years”, accompanied Katy as she walked down the red, carpeted aisle with her Father.

Ty’s heart beat a little faster and any nerves melted away in the joy of seeing his beautiful bride drawing closer to him.

“Everything felt so right. I was going to marry the person I loved most in front of all the people that we love so much”.

When Katy first glimpsed Ty, her heart skipped a beat.

“I was so overwhelmed with happiness that this moment had finally arrived and it was actually happening.”


Instead of a reading, Ty’s sister, Lisa, sang Ellie Goulding’s, ”How Long Will I Love You”, during the ceremony – a poignant memory to be cherished forever.

Guests clapped delightedly as Katy and Ty shared a passionate first embrace as husband and wife.


A special Portrait was taken at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, a place that holds treasured memories of Katy and Ty’s initial meeting and courtship.


A rousing Reception followed at the Mountain Goat Brewery in Richmond.

The venue “ticked all the boxes” for inner City convenience and ambience – relaxed, rustic and industrial; a place where guests would be able to “kick up their heels” and have a great night.

Katy and Ty fondly remember surprising their guests by entering the brewery via the roller door rather than the normal entrance.

“The cheers from our guests were so uplifting and there was a sea of ribbon wands being waved in celebration and excitement.”


The Reception area was a feast for the senses – fairy lights, interesting textures of bricks, wood, concrete and metal, delicious aromas of colourful cuisine, upbeat music and Katy and Ty’s unique personal touches.

Katy had spent many hours searching bridal blogs, magazines and Etsy for inspiration and materials and had decorated jars and frames in her own style – relaxed, elegant and contemporary with a neutral palette.

Ty had grown individual pots of grass for each guest as “an ode to the MCG” where they had first met.

Katy’s Mother created the delicious flower laden Wedding cake and her Father crafted the wooden “wishing well” letterbox.

A display of Wedding day photos of Katy and Ty’s family members meant that the Grandparents could be there in Spirit as well.

The newlyweds’ first dance was performed to Labrinth’s, “Beneath Your Beautiful”, a favourite song since their Engagement. Dance preparation was limited to a few quick practices of some general moves the day before the Wedding!


Katy and Ty are in synch with each other, not only on the dance floor, but also sharing quirky humour, similar values and many common interests.

“We wanted our guests to walk away boasting about how much fun they had.”

Katy and Ty clearly achieved their wish and so much more!


Katy and Ty’s Wedding Team:

Jessica and Brenton fell in love with Summerfields Estate the moment they first saw it and booked it immediately. The rustic setting, located on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula, provided the perfect Wedding venue with its grand, American style homestead set amidst manicured lawns, lush vegetation and open fields.

In the stylish and well-appointed country home, Jessica and her bridesmaids carefully prepared for the Wedding day. Jessica sparkled in her intricately beaded, elegant, lace gown with its plunging backline featuring dainty designer straps.


On her right hand, she proudly wore Brenton’s Mother’s Wedding and Engagement rings to honour the special lady who had passed away a couple of years earlier.

The treasured rings were “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”. It was Brenton’s sister’s idea and a beautiful gesture.


Peachy pale pink hues in the bridesmaids’ full-length dresses were softly echoed in Jessica’s bouquet of perfect, pastel roses. Radiant and calm, yet “ridiculously excited”, she was eager to see her beloved.


Brenton and his groomsmen, stylish in the relaxed formality of grey trousers, fashionable braces and white, rolled sleeved shirts, waited expectantly on the neatly trimmed lawns near the tranquil lake.

Tempering her nervousness with a sunny smile, Jessica emerged from the French doors and walked the soft, petal-strewn aisle on the arm of her proud Father.

All traces of “butterflies” immediately fluttered away as she saw Brenton smiling adoringly at her from under the leafy Wedding arbor.


The beauty of his glowing bride was overwhelming and that first glimpse dispelled any anxiety that he had momentarily felt.

Hearts and roses, representing love, were the perfect symbol for the couple, who describe each other as having “big hearts”.

Jessica loves Brenton for his kindness, loyalty and willingness to go out of his way to help people.

“That’s why everyone is so drawn to him. He sees the good in people.”


Brenton loves that Jessica is “funny, caring and has the same family values”. She is his “rock”, “always seeing the good” in any situation.

As the bride and groom expressed their vows and melted into each other’s arms as husband and wife, guests basked in the glow of their loving rapport.

Jessica and Brenton walked excitedly down the aisle to the soulful music of The xx, “Angels”, borne on a wave of elation and unbounded happiness.


In Summerfields’ rustic setting, the newlyweds relaxed into the moment as the camera captured the subtle nuances and deep emotional connection between them.

They had first met in 2009. Brenton was initially captivated by Jessica’s beautiful eyes and she was attracted by his sense of humour.

Jessica appreciates his ability to make her laugh in any situation and his carefree nature.

Brenton loves to chuckle at Jessica’s “attempts to sing” and loves their “banter”. They are very similar and in tune with each other.


A first date to see the movie, “Zombieland”, must have been the “right move” as the relationship blossomed from there.

A calm, comfortable and confident Brenton, giving no hint of what was to come, was able to shock Jessica with his proposal in September 2012 and she couldn’t stop crying tears of absolute happiness.


Guests made their way into the light-filled Reception Hall to begin celebrations. They were seated at elegant tables adorned with large vases of pastel roses and delightful decorations, lovingly chosen by Jessica from extensive searches online.



A highlight of the evening was Brenton’s speech. Known for his lively sense of humour and taking on the role of “class clown”, he totally surprised and evoked deep emotion in Jessica with words that he spoke from the heart.

“He said the most beautiful things about us and our journey together.”


After the newlyweds’ intimate first dance, to Bob Marley’s, “Is This Love?”, family and friends eagerly joined in and soon the dance floor was rocking with lively dancers, intent on having a great time.


Reflecting on their special day, Jessica and Brenton both agreed: “The main thing for us on our Wedding day is that we had an absolute ball!”

With so much emphasis on planning and avoiding things going wrong, “no-one really tells you how much fun your Wedding day is.”

“By far the best day of our lives!”


Jessica and Brenton’s Wedding Team:

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Preparations on the morning of Stephanie and Cambell’s Wedding Day were a happy family affair.

Two quaint, weatherboard cottages had been rented in the country town of Healesville, nestled in the picturesque Yarra Valley – one for Stephanie, her Mother, Father, Granddad and bridesmaids and the other for Cambell, his parents and groomsmen.

Surrounded by loved ones, the bride and groom, nervous, happy and excited, carefully donned their formal attire and eagerly looked forward to a first glimpse of each other on their special day.



In one of many memorable moments, Stephanie’s mother carefully buttoned her beautiful daughter into the elegant, intricately beaded, lace wedding gown with sheer cap sleeves and a sweetheart neckline.

With her softly curled, brunette hair tumbling over one shoulder, Stephanie smiled radiantly as she chatted with her attentive bridesmaids in full length dresses of the most delicate shade of Lavender.


After Stephanie and Cambell’s first date in March 2010, dinner in Lygon Street, they had spent many happy times wining and dining in the Yarra Valley, so they spent a day with their Maid of Honour exploring wineries, searching for the perfect outdoor, rustic wedding venue. Stones of the Yarra Valley impressed them immediately.

“The moment we turned into Stones’ tree-lined driveway and saw the stunning venue Vonnie and her team had created we knew that we had found the one!”


Under an endless sky, with magnificent views of hazy blue mountains crouched beyond lush green orchards, guests smiled admiringly as Stephanie’s proud parents accompanied her down the grassy aisle towards her beloved.

When their eyes met, Cambell was overwhelmed by his bride’s beauty and elegance and “felt like the luckiest guy in the world!” Stephanie thought, “He’s so handsome!”

As the loving couple expressed their vows under the flowery wedding arch, their love for each other overflowed and was seen and felt by all who witnessed the emotionally moving ceremony.



True soulmates, there was a deep connection between them right from the start.

“We’ve been inseparable since we first met and immediately felt comfortable together and felt like we’d known each other our entire lives.”

Showered in pastel rose petals, the elated newlyweds walked hand in hand amongst well-wishing friends and family to John Legend’s song, “All of Me”.



Guests played games on the lawn while Stephanie and Cambell had portraits taken in the rustic surroundings, capturing their sense of fun and the loving rapport between them.

When they first met, several years earlier, Cambell was captivated by Stephanie’s “beautiful smile, pretty blue eyes and sexy black dress”.

Stephanie was attracted by “his cheeky smile, cute dimples, and hot body” and his sense of fun and dancing skills.


A surprise Engagement on the banks of the Yarra at Southbank was a welcome “shock” for Stephanie initially but quickly transformed into happiness, excitement and “how natural and right it felt to say ‘Yes’!“

Cambell’s choice of ring was just perfect!

They find so much to admire in each other – Cambell’s love of outdoors and sport, his relaxed and easygoing attitude to life and his cheeky sense of humour; Stephanie’s playful nature, kindness, support and encouragement of Cambell “to be the best I can be.”


With precious portraits taken, the newlyweds entered the light filled Reception “barn” with a sense of elation and joy.

To the music of “L.O.V.E.”, performed by the The Bianca Fenn Band, they began the celebrations with an intimate first dance, silhouetted against full-length windows and leafy outdoor gardens.

Their loving connection was beautiful for all to see.

A delicious meal, speeches, dancing and fun times followed.

Posies of pretty, pastel Spring flowers brought a sense of happiness and a touch of colour to the dinner tables, bouquets, buttonholes, and cake decorations.

“We wanted a fun, relaxed, elegant theme for our Wedding and fresh Spring colours in our décor.”


In a gesture of pure love, after the formalities Cambell serenaded his adoring wife at the top of his voice, in a wonderful and emotional surprise for Stephanie.


Stephanie and Cambell, bonded by love, snuggled close in the vintage Volkswagen as they set off once more down the tree-lined driveway, eager to begin an exciting new chapter in their lives as husband and wife.

I wish them every happiness now and for the future.


Stephanie and Cambells’s Wedding Team: